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To Kill a Twin Brother (abstract)

To kill a twin brother One trait shared by neurodivergent and preterm individuals – I am both – is a passion for myths and stars. Greek gods had their muscles drenched with ichor. I picture their écorché thick and fibrous, like a safran-colored beefsteak. We called Hermes Chrysorappis, with golden wand. When I was five, it stroke me. Apart from Venus, the planets are named after dude-gods. The mission aiming at grazing the Moon was named after Apollo and not Artemis. We called Apollo Hecobolus, the far-shooting. Watching Apollo kills you. Frail, insignificant you. The first trump card of the Tarot, The Magus, is associated with Hermes. Jodorowski notes, between the legs of the figure, a frail, insignificant yoni-shaped plantlet. Yoni is the symbol of the goddess Shakti. Pure energy, supreme force. Jodorowski speculates that Hermes/Magus, stepping on the humble vulva-seedling, bends Nature to his will with his wand. We called Hermes Empolaios, engaged in commerce. When I was twenty, my friend Mai gave me a Tarot deck imagined by Nikki de Saint-Phalle. Since then, I keep picking the High Priestess and eluding the Magus. Mercury was carved on the Assyrian tablet Mul.Apin under the name Udu.Idim.Gu. Twinkling planet. The ancient Greeks thought there were two Hermes, one seen at dawn, the other at dusk. In Ancient Greece, travelers used to place a stone at crossroads, like poorly informed instagrammers. At some point in History, authorities replaced these increasingly invasive cairns by dull border stones, soon adorned by a phallus and a bearded head. The origin story of Hermes is as simple as that. Herma. A blunt rectangle with a dick and a beard but no arms, no legs, no neck… At some point in History: - He-Apollo killed She-Python with a golden arrow. - He-Hermes killed She-Medusa with a golden sword. - He-Shiva expediently mated with She-Shakti. She who was everything became the yin of a yang. When I was forty-five, I watched three billionaires reach space, each one in his own herma-shaped contraption. Elon Chrysorappis. Richard Hecobolus. Jeff Empolaios. I was born in 1975, on a Wednesday. Mercredi. Mercurii dies. The day of Mercury. Mercury has an erratic course, impossible to decipher with Newtonian mechanics. After centuries of speculations – my favorite being Urbain Le Verrier’s hypothetical planet Vulcan – Mercury’s orbit was explained by general relativity. I was very close to die in my mother’s belly. One of my personal myths theorize a hypothetical twin brother. Today, only chaos mathematics dare to tackle Mercury’s behavior. It may hit Venus in 5 billion years. Or be thrust ouf of the solar system. Footnotes: - The current NASA Moon mission is called Artemis. - Shakti is still worshiped by Shaktas. In the Devi Bhagavata Purana, we can read the following: I am the Sun and I am the Stars, and I am also the Moon. I am Female, I am Male.



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